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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rhyme-Biting Addict

Magically, the influence of the arrival of the Nationals on the buying habits of Orioles fans has diminished overnight.
In the first four months of direct competition with the Washington Nationals, the Orioles have sold about 1.5 million tickets, and they expect to sell about 100,000 more before Opening Day, according to Matt Dryer, the team's senior director of advertising and promotions.
Eleven days before Opening Day 2004, the Orioles had sold about 1.7 million tickets - nearly 12 percent more than this year.
Amazing! I guess you drop another one to the Cards in Spring Training, and - BAM! - 5% gone. I direct you to Nationals Inquirer for further analysis. Also amazing is the fact that Peter Angelos' propaganda comes through clearer in a Washington paper than in a Baltimore one. So once again, up yours, the Washington Times.

Baseball Crank has been running a series of projections based on Established Win Shares Levels. He recently did the NL East, and it's pretty wacky. The whole system is explained here, but when you've got the Nats third and the Braves last, it's busted, so why bother?

Dayn Perry, March 19:
[Jim Bowden] then traded for Jose Guillen at a cost of Juan Rivera, who is, in rough terms, a cheaper and younger Jose Guillen. Livan Hernandez is one of the most underrated arms in the game . . .
Sound like anyone you know? If you'll recall, most observers were less than pissed about the Guillen trade. I was (am) furious, and my reasoning was exactly the same as Perry's. And of course, praising ¡Livan! is my second favorite gimmick, right after calling Dayn Perry a greasy pervert. Perhaps we came to these conclusions independently, which would utterly destroy my world view and probably force me to commit ritual suicide. More likely, Dayn Perry is straight biting my rhymes. Punk-ass must not realize who he's dealing with.

I have one comment on the steroid mess. That big guy who hit all the homers for the A's and Cards? McGWire. There is no "u" in that name. You know who you are.


Chris Needham said...

The McGwire/McGuire thing has always pissed me off.

I was actually amazed at how many people got it right THIS time. But, as always, google knows all.

Anonymous said...

My favorite players have been Mark McGuire, Cal Ripkin, Christian Guzman and Mike Messina. ;)


Chris Needham said...

Good call on the Guzman! It annoys me enough when they pronounce it Christian. It's even worse when they spell it that way.

It's not a tougher name like Ter(r)mel or Svrluga!

Ryan said...

I was reading a book about chefs that, within the space of a few pages, mentioned Cal Ripkin and Yankees manager Joe Torres.

Oh, and you're off the Christmas card list, Basil. That was cold.

Chris Needham said...

At a press conference, NYC Mayor Bloomberg introduced Torre as "my friend, Joe Torres."