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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ignorance of the A's is No Excuse

Before I committed myself fully to this miserable team we follow, I knew everything. I read the general interest sites, team blogs -- I even had a Baseball Prospectus subscription, which isn't something I'm proud of. I had opinions on pretty much every move that every team should make. When I started this blog, that began to change. I'm not complaining -- this is a lot more interesting than Kansas City's bullpen, and I've learned that when you say something about a team you don't follow obsessively, you always get something wrong.

It's gotten really bad this offseason. The other day it took me about three hours to recall where Juan Encarnacion ended up even though he signed with my second-favorite team. I don't know nothing except as it relates to the Nats. Sure, I've got a link to USS Mariner over on the side, but I never click on it. Here's what the AL West portion of the Offseason Roster Move Ledger looks like in my head:

Los Angeles Angels
  • Fell for the Hector Carrasco Myth
Oakland A's
  • Overpaid for Esteban Loaiza but it's okay because Billy Beane did it
Texas Rangers
  • Dorked Jim Bowden right in his keister.
Seattle Mariners

See what I mean? The entry for the Nationals is long, thoroughly cross-referenced, and little more than a catalog of swears. Every other team gets pretty much what you see there.

So I need your help. It's possible that someday I might want to be a little less ignorant, or maybe I just want to steal some ideas read some good writing. What team blogs do you think are worth the effort it takes to point your eyeballs at them?


JammingEcono said...

Good team sites:
Just a couple of team-specific blogs I check regularly:


Viva El Birdos (Cards)

Boston Dirt Dogs

Halos Heaven (Angels)

The Cub Reporter

Bat Girl (Twins)

Anonymous said...

I have got a real good balrog, Preston Wilson grant me an inter view and he's a nice guy really good at community service, that go a long way at the Wilson Building and I know the Wilson Building, I think Jimbo has something up his sleeave, maybe Weaver or Clements. ::bugeyes:: Jimbo might also be think of trade for Washburned, remember he want him earlier and now Tony T has free'ed up teh cash because the Council has pass the emergency legislature, I was at the Wilson Building because I know the Wilson Building, what do you guys think of Brandon Watson, he's got a lot of speed and Wilky struck out alot last year, forget about Wilky he's gone, and Church is go to be traded, you just know Jimbo's got something up his sleeave he's always making moves and make the team better, I think the Nats will contend, not that the Post care, no one cares about the Oriles really, go Nats, and I think Frank will talk to Sorriano he'll have a good additude you'll see, all Guillen need was Frank to talk to him, he doesn't have emotion problems, he just needed manager he could respect.

That's what I think.

CYA DC Nats at Bat

Cathie said...

Dude, what's up with the Wilson Building?