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Friday, February 10, 2006

Miles of Smiles

It doesn't look like it, but I do some pretty serious research before I post this stuff. And let me tell you, I've learned some interesting stuff from my main research tool. Among them: there's another Will Carroll out there, and he's infinitely radder than the one I've been bitching about. Fans of Capitol Punishment may find the extent of their fandom tested by this concept. And finally, Matt LeCroy is going to be wildly popular with Nats fans. My initial estimation that he's a fat, loveable hayseed is holding up, and OMG points us to an example of the man's community spirit. But you don't need us to tell you how much like this guy. Just look at him -- he's always smiling! So I'm going to start your weekend off right by presenting Matt LeCroy and his miles and miles of smiles!


Cathy said...

He is kinda cute in a burly woodsy kinda way. Did you hear his accent on that community video? I think I could learn to love him :-)

Harper said...

Would it help to know he's crazy about adoption?

Harper said...

Unfortunately the Russian adoption fell through, then they found out they were pregnant. (well his wife did, but I could see how you could be confused)