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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dolphin Burns

Who's all hyped for the Battle of the Beltway? Okay, now who had forgotten about it? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Remember how excited we were this time last year? Maybe I'm just speaking for me, Needham, Basil, and Svrluga, but one year ago today there was real excitement. The demotion of Endy Chavez and awardation (yeah, that's a new one) of the centerfield job to the eminently worthy Ryan Church was the perfect way to end Spring Training.

I can't expect the anticipation of the start of the second season to match last year, but Spring Training has been a month-long kick in the crotch this year. Brian Lawrence blows up, Soriano can't figure out how fly balls work, nobody hits, and we get the crap beat out of us (last place in the Grapefruit League!). As a final and symmetrical indignity, the still eminently worthy Ryan Church is sent to the minor leagues because Old Man Robinson has a speed fetish, hitting and defense be damned.

I am excited about the season starting, but I can't say I'm any more pumped than I was a month ago. Being in Hell isn't as much fun as South Park makes it look.

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