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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sick Day

Remember when the boys asked the Cybil at Cumae what she wanted, and she was all like, "I want to die"? That's pretty much where I'm at right now, so I'm taking the day off. *cough cough*

Meanwhile, everyone's talking about the Great Outdoor Fight, and you should really catch yourself up. Start here. Ribeye? Mimosa?

UPDATE: I couldn't resist, not when Tony Tavares is lying to make Bowden look good.
Nick is in a walk year, so you either signed him or you lost him.
You mean you had to sign him right now? Before the new owner's named? That must be a new rule or something. And look who totally agrees with my post from yesterday -- a mysterious "member of a potential ownership group."
"I'm concerned about the timing. If you believe new owners are going to be named fairly soon, what's the rush?"
Tavares sounds a little bitter, which I guess is understandable from a guy who's about to lose his job.
"If somebody doesn't like Brian Schneider's contract, they can trade him," Tavares said. "If somebody doesn't like Nick's contract, they can trade him."
What if someone doesn't like Cristian Guzman's contract? Or what if someone likes Brad Wilkerson's? I guess I read too much Boswell -- I expect a more rousing defence of Bowden's scorched earth policy.

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Anonymous said...

I'm hella yellin bout the Great Outdoor Fight. Bout time we saw some GOF blogging (other than that provided by Barry Best).