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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Really Wanted One of Those T-Shirts They Were Selling

Sweet, we got bailed out by the South Koreans! I guess that makes us even.

It should be so easy to turn a debilitating injury to Cristian Guzman into an on-field positive, but Jim Bowden doesn't do things the easy way. So now I find myself in the bizarre position of rooting for Cristian Guzman to play a full season for my favorite team. It burns a little bit, you know?

Dammit, they bought off those Bygone Sports guys. No Senators or Grays for us, so I guess I should get around to changing the name of this here blog. I'm thinking maybe some kind of pun involving "Nationals" followed by a word that commonly follows "national." Nationals Institutes of Health, maybe. Nationals Geographic. Any ideas?


Chris Needham said...

--Nationals Disaster
--Nats In My Eye
--Natily Hollow Way
--Nationals-ist Social Party
--The Nat-ural (Or Nat-ure Boy, if you prefer)
--Function 050: Nats-ionals Defense (Truly a wonky name)

Ryan said...

--Natily Hollow Way

I'm going with this one. I'll be getting a call from Greta van Susteren in no time.

Brian said...

My vote is for the Nationals Organization for Wiki. You should have no problem getting a hold of www.now.org

Anonymous said...

Keep it "Distinguished Senators." That will help make your blog unique. Besides, "Senators" can still be an UNOFFICIAL nickname for the nats, just as the Redbirds are for the Cardinals, the Bombers are for the Yankees, the Tribe are for the Indians...

WFY said...

You could make Nationals Vanguard and watch the hilarity as people mistake your site for someone else!

Anonymous said...

Distinguished Nationals?

Cathie said...

National Disgrace...oh wait, I think that one's taken.

Nationals Emergency.
Nationals Debt. (after the stadium goes up to a trillion)
Nationals Institute of Health (or lack of it)

Distinguished Senator is an oxymoron, isn't it? Maybe Corrupted Senators, or Lying Senators, or Spineless Senators, or, wait, we are talking about baseball...


Anonymous said...

How about Nationals Orthopaedic Hospital?

Luis Ayala left the WBC game in Anaheim with some sort of boo-boo. C. Guzman headed to Cinci for more second opinions.

Meanwhile, Loaiza was seen showing the non-home run ball to the camera with some sort of yellow foul pole pigment on it. And Vinny Castilla dove and speared a SMASH off Vernon Wells' bat to rob him of a base hit. Sure glad we got rid of those guys!