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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Almost Comprehensible Game Recap and Injury Update

When I'm looking for a game recap, I don't go to ESPN or Sportsline or any of that. It's just too easy, and I like a little challenge. So I go here. Let's see what they have to say about last night's exercise in batting futility:
One to Mariners 0 Expos <> 11-day <> Seattle, the SEFUKO field

the Mariners -- 9 times death [ 2 ] bases-loaded -- catcher bow DAZU of 41 years old -- 左前打(ing) -- good-bye -- a victory It has been the score for the first time in 30 innings since 5 times of the Astros game on the 7th. Double play, home base 憤死, check death, etc. were the games of an ineffective offensive continuation.

And what of Tomo Ohka, you ask?
A landlord is to entering a disabled list and a 12-day operation.

it was announced on the 11th that Expos put pitcher Tomokazu Oya (28) who broke the 右手橈 (obtaining) bone into the disabled list for 15 days An operation will be undergone by State Mel Bohn of Florida on the morning of the 12th.

The landlord left the mound in response to the hit ball of a belt run on the 10th to the right hand in the Royals game in Missouri Kansas City.

Anyone who can figure out why Ohka's a "landlord" gets mad props, as the kids say.

UPDATE! Andrew the anonymous gorilla explains in the comments sections why he (Ohka, not Andrew) is called a landlord AND why they call him Oya. Big props. Here's a site that describes my respect.

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Anonymous said...

Ohka is written with the characters for "big" and "home." This combination can also be read as "oya," and as such means landlord. When his family name appeared alone, therefore, it ended up translated to the delight of readers everywhere; it should say: "Ohka is to entering a disabled list ..." Well, maybe not quite that. Now give me my props, my supplies are running low
-Andrew; I may be anonymous, but I'm still a gorilla