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Sunday, June 20, 2004

WHAM, a homer! WHAM, another homer!

What happens when the worst offense in baseball meets the third-best pitching in the AL? See the words of the immortal Bugs Bunny, above.

I was shocked when the 'Spos managed seven runs on Friday (though not shocked that they lost). Imagine my reaction when I got home last night and saw a "12" next to "MON" in the fourth inning. The Expos don't get to be on TV very often, even in Montreal, but thank goodness for WGN for letting us watch a wacky roller-coaster of a game. Perhpaps in honor of Tim Raines, whose number was retired at L'Estade du Fromage, Juan Rivera "jacked" two "dingers" in an inning, the starters were both gone by the fifth, and Montreal had an inning in which they scored more runs than they had in any game so far. The Expos didn't score in only one inning, the White Sox four. Chad Cordero picked up the two-inning save (he gave up a run, though. It was that kind of game), and Frank Robinson aged two years right there in the dugout.

It also marked the first time this die-hard Expos fan saw the team on TV. Maybe I saw them on TBS a couple times, but that was before my overnight transformation into World's #1 Expos fan, so it doesn't count. The only special insight I gleaned from the broadcast is this: Good Lord does Nick Johnson have an ugly moustache. Jeff Kent looks at that thing and says, "Damn, that's a cheesy moustache." He looks like he lost a bet. I mean, Johnson isn't exactly Travis Lee to begin with, if you know what I mean, and having what looks like two anchovies attached to his lip doesn't help. Well, at least they won't have to come up with anything new for Nick Johnson Bobblehead Night.

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