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Sunday, July 25, 2004


There are teams other than the Yankees and Red Sox, you bastards.

Peter Angelos has given up, if this interview is any indication.
"There are no real baseball fans in D.C." Angelos says the fans are mainly in the Maryland suburbs, and those pushing for a D.C. or Northern Virginia team are trying to steal Orioles' fans (emphases mine).
At this point, he's done trying to convince and is now just bitching.  I'd love to hear a response from Mayor Williams.

I'm the first to admit that this kind of thing is over my head, but the Post has a story today that questions the Loudoun Cabal's (artist's conception) ability to build that little Stepford town around the proposed ballpark.
The problem is, the baseball backers don't own most of the land. Tax records and interviews with owners who control the majority of the property indicate that the developers have agreements to buy, at most, only about a third of it.
It appears that they have enough land to build the park, but perhaps not enough for the Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the Romano's Macaroni Grill that were to surround it.
Such an eventuality would mark a stunning rollback from the vision Paul and his fellow baseball boosters offered Major League Baseball executives in May.
Not that the DC plan is all beer and Skittles, either.
The District, too, faces challenges in putting together the real estate for a stadium. Although the city controls Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium and a second site is owned by the National Park Service, the remaining two sites are privately owned.
Anyway, read the whole thing if you're interested.  I started dozing off halfway through.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a story about the effort to the name a DC team the Grays.  Christopher Rehling, the huge throbbing brain behind Remember the Grays, continues his takeover of the print media.  Go read the story and get yourselves some historical perspective, suckers.
Sunday's when all the papers do their "Around the League" thing, so why shouldn't I?  Huh?  I'll even bold all the names, so it looks professional.
  • Barry Bonds is going to get screwed out the MVP this year, no diggity.  Scott Rolen is about to find himself in the right place at the right time, Miggy T style.
  • Jason Schmidt is a pretty good candidate for the Cy Young.  If he wins, Bonds proves me wrong and takes the MVP, and the Giants miss the playoffs, would that be the first time that had happened?  Prolly.
  • If MLB is serious about speeding up the game, they should have a lockerroom attendant plant some betting slips in Steve Trachsel's stuff.
  • Josh Towers is putting a little something together in Toronto.  He came up with the Orioles in 2001, when they were fielding Cal Ripken and the AAA All-Stars, and started out pretty hot.  Then he started getting shelled and injured, but I always rooted for him.  I was watching a spring training game once and the announcers were talking to him about wrestling.  He was relieved that Hulk Hogan had recently become a good guy again.
  • The Yankees of Baseball are up 10 on the Cubs again.

Enjoy the four hours left of your weekend (eastern time zone only).

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