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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana

No news on the Stark story since MLB said it wasn't true.  I figure Stark got a mixture of what the MLB guys actually said and lockerroom scuttlebutt (Nick Johnson is the father of lies!).

The Mayor said something that could might the situation pretty interesting.  In this story in the Times, he is quoted as saying
"[A lease] has to be negotiated, but you can't just presume," Williams said on WMAL (AM-630). "I don't know why everybody ... you know, this is how everybody just runs around, runs over the District. How could Northern Virginia just presume that they're going to play in RFK?"
Wow, that's spiteful.  I like it.  If I could vote for this guy, I totally would, in spite of the bowties.

Angelos has been taking to the airwaves of late, whining that a team in DC (or NoVa, so don't get any ideas) would doom the Orioles to mediocrity.  I don't know how he can say that with a straight face.  Fourth place SIX TIMES IN A ROW!  But no, the Senators would put them in fifth.

Let me make this clear, though: There is no doubt in my mind that the Grays (equal time!) would hurt the Orioles.  The attendance is not a problem; Baltimore is a good baseball town, and a good team would have no trouble selling out Camden night after night.  The loss of the broadcast monopoly really would cost Angelos, though.  But what right does he have to that monopoly to begin with?  If my employer accidentally gives me two paychecks every two weeks, I can't complain when they figure it out and start paying me my actual salary.  The Orioles get two cities because of an historical accident - DC and Baltimore are not Dallas and Ft. Worth or Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Back in the day, before baseball teams wised up and started moving, the Cardinals, carried on the mighty KMOX, had a broadcast monopoly that encompassed pretty much everything west and south of St. Louis.  However, this fact didn't stop a team from coming to Kansas City, let alone California and Texas.  In the same way, the fact that DC happens to lack a baseball team at the moment does not mean that we're a permanent part of Angelos' fief.

Moving on, Remember the Grays has updated, and you should go gaze upon it.  Especially the news section, in which I am flattered beyond anything I deserve.  There's also a list of ten things you can do to help the cause.  I have been informed that the RTG team of highly-trained operatives will be at Screen on the Green this Monday spreading the word, so look out if you're there.

The Washington Baseball Club hasn't had anything new for a while with the exception of the opportunity to sign up for season tickets.  I haven't filled out the form, so I don't know if they want any money yet.  Go ahead and check it out if you feel lucky.

I threw up a link to the baseball team of my beloved alma mater, Baylor University (motto: "The Wake Forest of Central Texas").  There's no real reason for it; I don't follow Baylor baseball, although I do root for Kip Wells and Jason Jennings.  I don't expect you, my dear reader(s), to be amused or enlightened by following the link.  I guess I just feel the need to represent.  SIC 'EM, BEARS!

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