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Thursday, July 08, 2004

No News Is . . .

I was expecting all kinds of stuff to have happened while I was out of the loop. Other than the coffee maker at work breaking, nothing. Nothing in the Post, nothing in the Times other than some guy saying it would be tough to get from Bethesda to Dulles.

The best I can do is point out this column from Gammons. Amid the non sequiturs and run-on sentences, Gammons says "So MLB should work out an extension for Minaya and assure that he moves on to D.C. . . ." As I mentioned earlier, I'm not sure Gammons is making the distinction between DC and Loudoun, so maybe this isn't reassuring at all.


Olivier said...

I'm not sur Gammons can making the difference between DC and his own ass. In fact, the whole following is quite depressing:

"Minaya has never complained about his role; the Expo mess was the product of the ill-advised greed known as the expansion of the '90s that has drained the industry of billions, not to mention dignity."

Drained the industry? *Drained*? That's the most idiotic statement on the Expos situation in a long long time. It's my turn, I guess, to spout the line:

I miss Doug Pappas.

The Expos were sunk by an absolute refusal by ownership to commit to anything else than pocketing the maximum of money without investing anything else thant their original share. Loria may be a crook, but those guys ain't no better. The whole lawsuit thing is aimed at a single thing: Get the minority owners their "rightful" share of the 120millions MLB gave Loria for the Expos. Perdiod. I'd say, from a Montreal point of view, that DC is in a pretty good spot; MLB just can't keep this going for long enough to contract the poor beast.

Ryan said...

Word up. That was a really asinine column. Here's the Primer thread ripping it up: http://www.baseballthinkfactory.org/files/newsstand/newsblog_discussion/21256/