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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I Got Nothing

Seriously.  There's nothing going on.  Nothing on how the Loudoun Cabal (artist's conception) has downgraded from "Scenic Diamond Lake Stadium" to "Scenic Diamond Gravel Pit Stadium."  Nothing about the Expos' MLBPA reps being told to pack for Washington.  I've already talked about Angelos' bitter rantings (a good sign!).  Here's some scrounging:

I'm so confident that I'm paying a little attention to the Expos again.  Peter Gammons says that they're not going to trade Brad Wilkerson or Luis Ayala, but Orlando Cabrera is on his way out.  I approve.

There's a show on 1450 WOL here in the DC area that occasionally discusses the DC baseball issue.  Sports Groove, hosted by Mark Gray, is on from 7-10 pm on weekdays, and the host is proponent of remembering the Grays.

Why I Hate DC is as annoyed with Angelos as the rest of us.

Like I said, nothing.

UPDATE! I totally forgot about this one thing I was saving for a rainy day when I had nothing to talk about (i.e., today).  Bisnow.com, responsible for some of talk radio's most annoying ads, has an with interview William L. Collins of the Evil Virginia Baseball Club (EVBC).  Get out your BS detectors and check out the summary.
> new names for the team could be the Virginia Senators, Nationals, Presidents, Generals, Graysox, or Stallions
Ripoff, Ripoff, Lame, You Idiots Really Miss the Confederacy Don't You?, Lame, Gay.
> it won't be so hard to get to a Dulles stadium on weeknights, because games would start at 730 PM, at the tail end of rush hour when people have already left work in DC to homes that are closer to the stadium
Uh-huh.  It would be even easier if the stadium were in a city.  You know, like all the rest of them.
> there are two million residents within a 20 mile radius of the Dulles site, including the fastest growing area in the country
And if every single one of them goes to a game, you might outdraw the Brewers.
> fans will come in "droves" from D.C., Montgomery County, Virginia, and West Virginia
I haven't listened to the interview, so I don't know if he giggled when he said this.  I do like the skeptical quotation marks around "droves."  Your bid might be in trouble if you're relying on West Virginia.
> the Dulles site will satisfy concerns of Peter Angelos because it is a two-hour drive from Baltimore
Utter bullcrap.  The Loudounites just love to bring this up in spite of the fact that it makes no sense.

I dearly hope this is the same spiel he gave MLB.  If it is, we have nothing to worry about.


Anonymous said...

7:30!!! Please! Have you ever tried to get to Wolf Trap or Nissan for an 8 PM show. It's impossible! Diamond Gravel Pit would be such a disappointing way to finally have Major League Baseball.

Ryan said...

Darn tooting. If they're going to put it by Dulles, they may as put another team in Baltimore and call it "bringing baseball to DC."