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Monday, January 10, 2005


I'm revising the links. First, I put up a link to DCist, "a website about the Washington, D.C. area and everything that happens there. That means news and events, restaurants and nightlife, happenings, goings-on and observations." They mentioned me on Thursday, which I thought was nice. I'm not changing the name of the blog, though, no matter what they say.

There are also a couple Nationals blogs to add, though one may be stillborn. Nationals Baseball is a Nationalized former Expos blog that's been going since July. First National Blog hasn't had a post since late November, so it's going in the dormant section. Speaking of which, I'm moving some of the others in there as well until they prove that they're alive. Grim business.

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Ryan said...

He emailed me, which is a welcome change from stumbling on some page via Technorati or someone else's links months after the guy started. And yeah, it seems like all the Nats bloggers have the same outlook on things, more or less. It'll be interesting to have another viewpoint. And something on Live Journal instead of Blogger.