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Friday, January 28, 2005

Programming Note

I'm moving this weekend, so what with cables and the intraweb and all that stuff, I won't have an update on Monday (at least). So here's what I want you to do: come up with an all-star team of the players you root for even though they aren't Nats or whatever other team you like. Active major-leaguers only. Here's my team, no Nats or Cardinals.

C: Victor Martinez (CLE)
1B: Hee Seop Choi (LAD)
2B: Marcus Giles (ATL)
SS: Miguel Tejada (BAL)
3B: Aubrey Huff (TB)
LF: Eli Marrero (KC)
CF: Dave Roberts (SD)
RF: Lance Berkman (HOU)

Greg Maddux (CHC)
Jose Lima (KC)
David Wells (BOS)
Josh Towers (TOR)
Orlando Hernandez (CWS)

Brad Lidge (HOU)
Juan Cruz (OAK)
Shigetosi Hasegawa (SEA)

Bench (Honorable Mention)
Placido Polanco (PHI)
Vernon Wells (TOR)
Julio Franco (ATL)

Bobby Cox (ATL)

How 'bout you?


Basil said...

I'll give it a shot. No Nats or Orioles; I root for them in an AL context. (Don't shoot me!) :-)

C: John Flaherty (GW alum!)
1B: Ryan Klesko
2B: Frank Cattalano (not really a 2B anymore, but ... )
3B: Scott Rolen
LF: Barry Bonds (my antagonize-the-sportswriters pick)
CF: Jim Edmonds
RF: Jody Gerut
DH: Calvin Pickering

SP1: Greg Maddux
SP2: Roy Halladay
SP3: Oliver Perez
SP4: Matt Clement
SP5: Anna Benson

CL: Jason Isringhausen
LOOGY:Rheal Cormier (what a cool name)

Manager: Jack McKeon

Basil said...

Oh, I need a shortstop. Let's say . . . [aims at MLB dartboard] . . . Neifi Perez, the stathead anti-hero.

The Natsural said...

Great Idea--here's my list

1B- Carlos Delgado
2b- Junior Spivey
SS- Jeter (yeah, not A-Rod)
3B- Melvin Mora (the O's are my favorite team but he'd still be one of my favorite players even if he wasn't. He transcends my team).
C- Pudge (Det)
OF- Jim Edmunds (SL), Ichiro (Sea), Mark Kotsay (Oak) (saw him throw a ball from deep CF into a bucket on home plate during pre-game warmups once not just once but about 3x),

Mark Prior (CC), Josh Beckett(FL), Ben Sheets(Mil), Randy Wolfe (Phi), Jake Peavy (SD), Dontrelle Willis (FL)

wow. they're all from the NL.
That bodes well for my Nats season tickets.

RP- Chad Bradford, Benitez (I know, I know)

Manager--Darth Torre

Randolph said...

This is somewhat biased towards teams I see a lot -- Orioles, rest of AL East, AL in general -- and by stathead propaganda, which I mostly happily consume. I also have a lot of sympathy for talented guys who've been jerked around by their teams (mostly on the bench here).

C: Victor Martinez
1B: Travis Hafner
2B: Brian Roberts
3B: Eric Chavez
SS: Jose Valentin (not sure I can explain this; I just think the guy's hilarious)
LF: Adam Dunn
CF: Mark Kotsay (a total As worship pick)
RF:Bobby Abreu
DH: Erubiel Durazo

Tim Wakefield
Johan Santana
Jamie Moyer
Al Leiter
Esteban Loaiza (yes, it's true -- I've always thought he should be a better pitcher than his numbers suggest, and I picked him for like five straight years in my roto league; it finally paid off in 2003, and I traded him in 2004)
Hideo Nomo

B.J. Ryan
David Weathers
Octavio Dotel
Mariano Rivera (grudgingly -- since he's a Yankee I usually start out rooting against him, but he's been so damn good I end up sort of rooting for him despite myself.)
Keith Foulke

Bench, because I love the scrubs:
Ryan Freel
Russ Branyan
Cal Pickering
Chone Figgins
Bucky Jacobsen
Mark Bellhorn
Tom Wilson
Greg Zaun
Jayson Werth

Honorable Mention Starters:
Carlos Delgado
Vlad Guerrero
Melvin Mora
Miguel Tejada
David Wright
Nick Johnson (already, before the Nats)
Brad Wilkerson (new addition -- I never realized how good he was until I started looking over the Expos roster and stats when the move was imminent.)

Manager: If I can't pick Earl Weaver or Casey Stengel, how about Mike Scioscia. He's done a good job in Anaheim, and he gets extra points for the Simpsons softball episode.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea - here's my team, sans any Nationals or Red Sox (displaced New Englander reporting in):

C: Joe Mauer
1B: Mark Teixera
2B: Brett Boone
3B: Hank Blaylock
SS: Nomar Garciaparra
OF: Craig Wilson
OF: Adam Dunn
OF: Scott Podsednik

SP: Jake Peavy
SP: Brian Lawrence
SP: Tim Hudson
SP: Johan Santana
SP: Josh Beckett

RP: Rod Beck
RP: John Smoltz
RP: Ken Ryan

Bench/Honorable Mention:
SS: Khalil Green
SS/2B: Jose Reyes
3B: David Wright
SP: Scott Kazmir

Mike Scoscia

Chris Needham said...

Just to be contrarian, here's the team of players I hate:

C: Pudge Rodriguez
1B: Stinko Martinez
2b: Craig Counsell
SS: Omar Vizquel
3B: Shea Hillenbrand
LF: Michael Tucker
CF: Kenny Lofton
RF: Trot Nixon
DH: Jeremy Giambi