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Friday, June 03, 2005

Good Weird

That was the Nats last night, right? I wasn't watching the wrong game? Here's what I was thinking in the 8th: "Geez, I know they can't hit, but at least they're not usually this sloppy and embarrassing. This is like a bad Orioles game." Our normally reliable defense committed two errors. Gary Majewski, who pitches as solidly as he looks sleazy, got cuffed around, and the Braves had blown it right open. We were done, right? The Nats can't come back from a two run deficit in the ninth. They have a hard time scoring two runs in a series.

I underestimated the complete transformation the team had undergone, though. From a slap-hitting, pitching 'n' defense squad to lumbering, slugging comeback machines. Baerga singled. Vinny doubled. Gary Bennett won the game. What the hell is going on? I'm impressed. I'm happy. But I'm a little unsettled. Imagine Dan Snyder giving roses to orphans or John Thompson knowing what he's talking about. It's not that they're bad things, but they sort of screw with your view of the world. At any rate, this is the Nats' chance to make some real noise. We've got the co-division leaders coming in, and it's within reach -- and even within reason -- for us to come out of the weekend in first place. Weird. But good weird.

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Ryan said...

They must have taken that thing in the dugout right after his homer. "Whut?!"