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Friday, June 10, 2005

A Year of Distinguishmentness

Yes, it was one year ago today that this mess started. I think my favorite post was that one time I made fun of that guy. Ah, memories. Thanks for reading and go Nats!


D said...

Congrats Ryan. It's been fun reading you in the four months since I found your blog. Now, can you tell me what Aeon Flux is all about? I really don't get that anime thing...

Ryan said...

Hey, I'm a dork, but I'm not that kind of dork. Go ask Needham.

Anonymous said...


Congrats to one year of writing the premier DC baseball blog. Just think how far we've come, the evil empire that was the Loundon Cabal has shifted to the unholy alliance of Bowdon and Guzman, definately a shift in the right direction. Of course other things haven't changed as the Dark Lords of the Sith, Peter Angelos and his apprentice Dayn Perry will always be there to battle.

I appreciate the space you gave to the Grays, even if you were never fully converted to the name. You've been fantastically witty and sometimes insightful. And I use your nicknames all the time, particularly Inning Endy and Soulpatch (who is my favorate Nat because of this blog). Keep up the good work.

Chris Rehling

WFY said...

¡Congratulations! Thank you for your year of service. I have always appreciated your optimism through the tough times, even though I was very cyncial. I am glad you were right.

Basil said...

Hey, way to go. Will Big Jon Rauch be at the party?

I've rescored the bout with teh Off Wing guy, and you win by unanimous decision. Bill Collins had been one of the judges in disguise, which is why it was originally a majority decision.

But we shot him, so everything's fine now.

Ryan said...

Thanks, guys! And it's nice to hear from you again, Chris. They could still change the name, man - don't stop believing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ryan, it's nice to be heard! So to bust up this love-fest with some baseball, I went to the "Grays" game last night and had three observations.

First, Bob Feller threw out the first pitch last night, a strike. It will be cool to say when I'm an old man, "yeah, I saw Bob Feller pitch in-person, every pitch I saw him throw was a strike."

Second, I love LIVAN!, I don't want the 2005 CY Young award winner to change a thing, but damn is he FAT! He will be know to me as CYPUDGE!

Third, I miss Endy Chavez, only because I love the Inning Endy nickname, however Endy's spirit lives on for DC in Cristian Guzman. The guy only has 38 hits this year, how many innings has he ended with his (lack of) bat. Innings ended minus total hits should be a new stat we use to track Guzman. Last night our girly-man shortstop had the grand total of 0 hits, but he put up a huge output of 3 innings ended, which give him a negative 3 on the Guzmetric meter. Which wasn't a big deal last night, because we won and I love to see CYPUDGE! leading off an Inning (he set the table for 4 runs in the 4th).

Sorry for the rant.


Brian said...

Pat O'Brien, Washingtonienne, and the rest of the gang join me in wishing you a happy anniversary.

p.s. Pat still wants to get crazy with you and 'tienne at your earliest convenience

Anonymous said...

Cristian Junior???



Ryan said...

Bob Feller was there? Sorry I missed that.

Pat - call me.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to a Special Boy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to a Special Boy.