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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Meanwhile . . .

Now that I've had my excessively lengthy say, what's the word elsewhere?
  • Dan Szymborski of BTF's Transaction Oracle thinks it's a good deal for the Brewers. "For the Brewers, the benefits are obvious. They get to send Obermuller, who would be very fortunate to keep that ERA under 5, to mopup duty and add Ohka to the rotation. They lose Spivey, but they needed to anyway to get Weeks in there. Now, it's only a minor upgrade, but I think Ohka will beat the projection now that he's not actively trying to kill the manager." Also check out the notepad Bodes was scribbling on when he made the deal.
  • The Transaction Guy: "Not a good trade for Washington, but not surprising given Jim Bowden’s track record." And track suit! "Why you gotta play me like that, dog?"
  • Ball Wonk is offically undecided but doesn't sound too happy. "Kyoto's own Tomo Ohka has one bad outing, gets understandably frustrated, lashes out at Frank just a tiny bit, and BAM! He's off the team. Traded to Milwaukee for a mediocre infielder faster than you can say Hauru no ugoku shiro. Welcome to Washington, Ernest Lee Spivey Jr." This reminds me of something I should have mentioned earlier: I like Spivey. I'm rooting for him. I miss Ohka, but I'm blaming Frank and Bodes for that.
  • Capitol Punishment thinks it's decent. "It's an alright trade on straight value. Ohka's had a solid career, but he's on the verge of collapse today. And Spivey is filling a gaping hole in this team. Jamey Carroll is simply not cutting it." And you know it hurts him to say that about Jamey.
  • Nasty Nats is cool with it. "All in all, it's not a roster shakeup that I'm in love with. But it has the possibility of working out very well."
  • Nationals Inquirer digs it, daddy-o. "Bowden reinforced a tremendously weak area, then replaced Ohka with a pitcher---this year's traditional stats notwithstanding---who might not be appreciably worse. At the end of the day, I think the team is stronger, and it certainly is deeper." *snap snap snap*
  • Nationals Review give a quick thumbs-up. "Short-term, this looks like a good deal. But now, our vaunted pitching depth has vanished with Jon Rauch injured, Claudio Vargas released and Tomo Ohka traded." Bold!
  • Nationalz.com is all tormented and conflicted. You know, like the Crow. "Man. I don’t know what I think about this. I’ve shit on Tomo Ohka for a long time, but he has been improving lately. I haven’t shit on Guzman much at all, but we could definitely use some backup at short. I don’t know Spivey, Drese, or Sequea from Adam, but the wisdom of the move will shake out over the next few weeks."
  • Dexys over at the Nats Blog is all about value. "All in all, I am pretty ambivalent about this. Ohka seems a bit too valuable to me to give up for Spivey--I would have much rather traded Armas I think." Me too. I'm sick of that guy. "Potential! #2 starter potential! blah blah!" Whatever. Armas is expected to do it and some point maybe in the near future; Ohka has done it.
  • I wanted to find some reactions from Brewers bloggers, but they seem to a be a lazy bunch of drunks. You know, with the beer and all. I could go for a bratwurst right now, I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

After that two-run blast today, I'm nowhere near as conflicted. Give me another week with no homers and I'll be back to needing Zoloft(tm).

Ryan said...

But you want to be brooding and conflicted. Chicks dig it.

Ryan said...

Whatever you say, Maynard G. Krebs.

pete said...

don't talk to me about trades. i'm a mets fan and still getting over nolan ryan for jim fregosi.

ps - the transaction guy provides all i need and all i can digest in my busy day. one sentence summary of the trade - fine by me.