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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

That Damn Miller Light Bottle Won Again

My predictions for tonight's game didn't quite come true, but I wasn't all that far off. I thought the Nats wouldn't hit, and they didn't -- only five hits, and one of those only as the result of three Pirates almost bonking their heads together in left. But the Pirates were even worse and screwed up in a completely hilarious manner, turning a completely idiotic Marlon Byrd bunt (thanks, Frank!) into a couple runs. Oh, and Jose Guillen actually did play, though that was balanced out by Ryan Church missing another game, so up yours Tom Boswell and your pathetic Cal-worship. And they didn't play "Sweet Caroline," which would have ruined the evening for me even worse than Chad Cordero blowing a save. But they didn't and he didn't and Lionheart was on AMC when I got home and a good time was had by all.

Rosenthal loves ¡Livan! Go read this and tell me this story wasn't already written by the lethal combination of me (the fanboy ¡Livan!-worship) and Needham, the thinking man's me (the part about how he can throw all those pitches because he's usually half-assing it).

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Brian said...

Ryan, admit it. You and Chris have Rosenthal holed up a la the Gimp and are ghost-writing his column