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Monday, June 13, 2005


The Pixies rocked, and Frank Black continues his lifelong journey to becoming a perfect sphere. I'm too ROCKED to say anything about baseball, but here are a couple of things you ought to read.
  • Oleanders and Morning Glories has a post that I agree with completely. Seriously, I wish I'd written it. If Mr. Naranja continues to write in this vein, I'm going to have to retire, obviated by a more efficient Canadian model.
    "I believe the team is scrappy and does have heart. I believe that 95% of major league teams each season are scrappy and have heart. Very few players can make it to the majors on talent without overcoming some adversity. I believe the Nats win close games not because of guts or gumption, but because of luck. I believe that luck is fleeting and the Nats will be on the wrong side of more 3-2, 5-3 games in the second half. It won’t mean they aren’t trying as hard or have lost their spirit."
    The other 5%? Whoever has Raul Mondesi.
  • Basil at the Inquirer posted a dazzlingly intelligent piece on the "two ways to view a player/manager altercation like Ohka/Robinson." He also wonders how Frank's act will go over once the Nats stop winning every game.

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