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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's Hard Out Here For A Buzz Machine

I don't know about you, but when I heard that there was solid evidence that Barry Bonds had been spending the last eight years injecting a veritable Long Island iced tea of steroids into his ass, I immediately wondered what baseball journalism's number one expert on sports medicine had to say about it.

Then I checked Will Carroll. I mean, the guy named not only his awful blog but also his book after the roids, and has been vocal (and quite dishonest) in expressing the absurd idea that performance-enhancing drugs don't enhance performance. He's been particularly interested in the Bonds issue, going so far as to characterize criticism of Barry as "statistical racism and chemical McCarthyism."

So you can imagine my disappointment when I headed over to the Juice Blog to find Scott Long's sad schtick supplanted by a statement that averred nothing but Will Carroll's whoredom. Let's run it down.
  • Will hasn't read the book.
  • He'll talk about it at Baseball Prospectus, so get your 40 bucks ready.
  • He's still right about everything.
  • Read his book.
  • "I am available to discuss this in the media. For interview scheduling, contact me through the Baseball Prospectus site."
  • No comments on this post.
To sum up: some huge news breaks, news that coincides directly with Will Carroll's self-proclaimed area of expertise. Will issues a statement in which he says next to nothing about it, asks for your money twice, and makes it clear that he won't be answering any questions posed by someone not "in the media." Let's remember this the next time this money-grubbing fraud waxes idiotic about the "new media" or whatever.

In other news, this is nice.


Harper said...

Will Carroll seemingly loves to used the "method scientific". (State conclusion, then find facts to back it up). Better yet he's chosen a conclusion (Bonds probably wasn't helped by steroids) that CAN'T be directly refuted. What can you do, view an alternate world where Bonds didn't take steroids and compare the results? Thus he can always hide behind "we can't be sure of steroids effects" and be technically correct even though the surrounding evidence is fairly daming.

Ryan said...

Dude, you're such a McCarthyist racist. Did you watch any Oscar-nominated films?

Anonymous said...

OK, will somebody please enlighten me---WHO is Will Carroll?

Ryan said...

Eddie: Jeez, where do I start? He's a guy who started a blog about injuries and has enjoyed inexplicable success. I only started in on him here when he first said DC's bid for the Expos was dead and then reported that they'd be the Grays. Since then, I've been tracking his mistakes, arrogance, and titanic obliviousness. You thought I made him up, huh?