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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I Have Resorted To Bermanisms

There's nothing going on, but that's not going to stop me from bringing the content.  I want to assure each and every one (both) of you who read this thing that you get what you pay for.
Go take a look at this article by Dick "What the" Heller in the Washington Times.  Heller hates Sports Illustrated because they dissed the District.  I hate SI because of Rick Reilly, but as long as we come to the same conclusion, right?  Anyway, Heller contends that DC's finest sports moment was the 1924 World Series, as opposed to some Redskins crap I can't be bothered with.  Don't read the article unless you want to have the Post's daily feature on the '24 Nats spoiled for you.
Speaking of the 1924 Senators, there's a rather amusing post right here from the relentless blast of positivity that is Why I Hate DC.
I don't mention it often because I try to keep things on point around here, but I am a Cardinals fan (here's a picture of me).  I shall continue to be one until the Expos move to DC.  In the event that they move to Herndon or whatever, I'll be a Cardinals fan as well as a Braves/Mets/Marlins/Phillies fan.  Anyway, anyone who thought the Cards would have the best record in baseball at this point, raise your hand. 
Now put your hands down, you damn liars.  I highly recommend checking in with Redbird Nation to keep up with a team I've started calling the Yankees of Baseball.
Finally, reader Vincent has a suggestion for Fred Malek and the DC ownership group:
Saw in the Post today that WUSA declined to renew Frank Herzog's contract. (Not a good year for him, alas.) But since Herzog is synonymous with Washington sports -- voice of the Redskins' three Super Bowl champions, plus the radio voice of the Bullets when they won the NBA title in 1977-78 -- I think Fred Malek would score huge PR points if he announced he will hire Herzog on the broadcast team in some capacity if the D.C. group gets the Expos.

What do you think?
Well, it was only one Bermanism.  Count yourself lucky.

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You're the one who insists on the long version of your first name, Andrew Percival Cavendish Huffington.