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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Five Good Things

About today's game vs. the Marlins:
1. No Dontrelle Willis
2. ¡Livan!
3. Ryan Church's first start (though not in center, oddly enough)
4. Cristian Guzman is no longer hitting second, and Nick Johnson is
5. The Marlins lineup is just bizarre

The lineups:

Wilkerson, CF
Johnson, 1B
Vidro, 2B
Guillen, RF
Church, LF
Castilla, 3B
Schneider, C
Guzman, SS

Easley, 2B
Encarnacion, CF
Cabrera, LF
Delgado, 1B
Lowell, 3B
Lo Duca, C
Conine, RF
Gonzalez, SS
Moehler, P

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