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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


I haven't updated the links in a while, but I needed something to take my mind of all those first pitch outs last night. Meanwhile, if you have or know of a blog I don't have linked, let me know. I promise that it's not up there only because I don't know about it. Same goes if you have a dead one and brought it back.
  • FaNATSic.com is "an online communityof fans of the Washington Nationals and the game of baseball. The goal of faNATSic.com is to promote the Washington Nationals organization by bringing fan together in an interactive and fun online community." There's a message board and news aggregations and whatnot.
  • John's Box o' Rants is a veritable of box of rants. He's pretty annoyed with Frank, or at least he was on Monday.
  • The New Home Team describes itself as "the journal of a Red Sox fan who happens to live in a city given the gift of a major league baseball team for the first time in 34 years." Alex was at the RFK exhibition game:
    The best moment was turning around as I was riding up the escalator at the Stadium/Armory metro station and seeing a thousand Nationals fans streaming onto the platform.
    I agree, actually.
  • Oleanders and Morning Glories is newly on All Baseball and the new home of Harper Gordek from Nationals Baseball, as well as veteran Nats/Expos blogger Jean-Pierre Allard.
  • In case you're on your way to the Nats game and need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, go to Capital Weather, which will provide detailed forecasts and the likelihood of delays and cancellations.


alexzwerdling said...

Ryan, thanks for the plug. Another cool thing about games in DC is just seeing people on the trains wearing caps and warm up jackets with "DC" on them. It reminds me of taking the communter train into Fenway when I was growing up and always being amazed at how many Sox fans were out there.

Ryan said...

No prob.

I don't know what's going on, but I ride the Metro every day. When I wear my Nats cap, I'm the only one. When I don't, everyone else has one. Spooky.