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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Thank goodness baseball had the good sense to give us a day off from all this baseball. We've been waiting years - decades, for some of us - and two games in a row would have been just too much. So let's all catch our collective breath until tomorrow's game, which we won't be able to watch.

So since nothing happened today, here are some scattered thoughts and links and stuff.
  • Ryan Church could have played yesterday, but Frank Robinson wanted to be careful with his groin. A groin is a precious, fragile thing, like a baby's smile. Frank also mentioned before the game that he's probably sit tomorrow against a lefty starter (Brett Myers). I'm guessing we'll see JJ Davis in center, and I wonder if Wil Cordero will get a start. I don't expect Wilkerson to be platooned, but Sledge will be on the bench and possibly Johnson. Bear in mind that those last two sentences were pure speculation. Pure like a baby's smile.
  • Thinking that my Nat of the Day feature is just too positive, Chris at Capitol Punishment today presented his first Lame Duck Award to Vinny Castilla. That's what running into an out at second and booting a line drive get you. But does it get you an autographed copy of Saving the Pitcher like my award does? That's what I thought.
  • Is Yuda returning to the rewarding world of baseball blogging? I hope so, and his last three posts are promising. First he stuck it to Baseball Prospectus for yet another snide, off-handed anti-Nats comment. He followed up with a season preview (Yankees in third, eh?). And today he provides a report from the opener in Philly. Keep it up, Yuda! Join us!
  • Nationals Review makes me feel a little better by picking the Cardinals to win it all. See, it's not just me!
  • Basil from Nationals Inquirer, charitable soul that he is, has adopted a wayward young pitcher. Danny Rueckel is sure to blossom with such care.
Tune in tomorrow at 7 for Day vs. Myers! Tune your radio in, I mean.

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Chris Needham said...

I may not be offering an autographed book, but I'll offer Vinny some of my world-famous vegetarian tacos. If he wants to come over for dinner, he can find my email easily.