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Monday, April 04, 2005

A Bad Beginning Is Still A Beginning

I wanted this one. It was our first game and a chance for ¡Livan! to show everyone how good he is. Well, I hope he didn't show everyone how good he is, because he ate it out there. In my Season Preview I mocked the Phillies for rolling Jon Lieber out there on Opening Day, but he looked a hell of a lot better than the Official Pitcher of Distinguished Senators.

No matter! Our first game is in the books and there are thousands yet to come. We had our first hit (Wilkerson), first run (Johnson), first homer (Sledge), first error (Schneider), and first sellout, even if it was in Philly (Attendance: 44,080, 101.3% full). Tomorrow's an off day for some reason, and we get Zach Day vs. Brett Myers Wednesday at 7.

Congratulations are due to our neighbors to the northeast. The Orioles looked pretty good in their opener, taking down the A's 4-0. I mention this because I really like Rodrigo Lopez, who is one of the many pitchers who remind me of "Landlord" Tomo Ohka. Except Mexican.

I'm starting a new feature
. We'll see how zealously I update it, but I'll try to appoint a Nat of the Day after each game. Anyone have any ideas on how to punch up the presentation a bit? Especially the title - that's pretty weak-looking. Not like Nick Johnson - that's a beautiful man.

I fixed Dayn Perry again. First I (sort of) stopped him from writing like a depraved creep - even if he's not fixed, there's been unmistakable improvement. No more imaginary girlfriends, for instance. Dayn's other big problem has been his unreasoning hatred of the Nats, which you may remember from the end of last year, when I was angry. But the little twit has changed his tune again. In a list of the things he's most looking forward to today, this checks in at number 5:
Of course, the freshly minted Washington Nationals will be in action on opening day. They also boast two of the most underrated performers in the game—ace Livan Hernandez and outfielder Brad Wilkerson.
Once again, my ridicule makes a difference. Why do I do it? For the children.


Olivier said...

I see Nick's mustache hasn't grown back yet.

Anonymous said...

Keep up your good work of reforming those icky BP writers, Rico Sauve Perry and Will "I Keed, I Keed" Carroll. Remain ever vigilant.

Anonymous said...

Citing the _Detroit News_, SI.com reports that Livan is among five NL players who "could be traded before the July 31 deadline".


Ryan said...

Even Bowden is that dumb, right? RIGHT? I mean, Vidro's for tradin'. Livan's for keepin'.

Anonymous said...

If you really hate Dayn Perry so much, why do you keep reading him?

Is it time to launch the Distinguished Senators Dayn Perry boycott?

Ryan said...

You can't just close your eyes and pretend evil doesn't exist. It must be fought! What if Churchill had just said "Adolf who?" That's right - I'm saying Dayn's worse than Hitler.