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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Opening Day!

I got nothing interesting to say about the exhibition at RFK today (or, arguably, about anything else), so go check out Yurasko for a nice recap. I got there late, but just as I sat down, "Soul Patch" Ryan Church put a hurting on one for three runs. Unfortunately, Church proceeded to hurt his groin (sorry, ladies) just as we was on the cusp of winning the hearts of basball fans worldwide. He'll miss the opener tomorrow, but it doesn't sound serious.

RFK was better than I was expecting. My major league park experience is limited to Fulton County Stadium, Coors Field, Camden Yards, and Veterans Stadium. I don't remember Fulton, and Coors and Camden are a lot nicer. RFK beats the Vet. As acceptable as the inside was, though, damn is that thing an eyesore from outside. The 60s were an ugly time, making the selection of the dude ranch W for the Nats' caps all the more puzzling.

You know why I like blogs? I'm watching the Red Sox and Yankees on ESPN right now. ESPN is steadfast in their attempts to convince us that these two teams are the only ones that matter and that we are concerned about steroids to the exclusion of all else. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of fans are happy baseball's back and not as interested in steroids as the hordes of ESPN types who see the scandal as a precious opportunity to look like real journalists for once.

Happy Opening Day, the first of many.
It's been a long time coming.

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WFY said...

Compared to Atlanta, Three Rivers, and the Vet, RFK is a masterpiece and downright quaint. Those parks were hopelessly bland, while at least RFK has the slopping roof and smaller footprint.