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Monday, December 20, 2004

But More Importantly

Evidently some kind of financing agreement has been reached. Channel 9 is the only thing I can find to link to at the moment.
Sources close to 9 News say members of DC's council have put a deal in place that will gaurantee some private funding for the proposed baseball stadium, saving the city's bid for the Montreal Expos.

Earlier Monday night, Mayor Tony Williams and DC Council Chair Linda Cropp had said they made progress toward breaking the impasse over private financing for a new ballpark. Baseball had rejected Cropp's amendment requiring that at least half the costs be privately paid.

Aides say Cropp and Williams are working on a way to assure baseball that the stadium will be built while finding private money to help cover the costs.

Meantime, Cropp has put baseball on the agenda for Tuesday's council meeting.
This could get done tomorrow, and wouldn't we all feel better?

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