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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Who Was the Fourth President of the United States?

I'm back from James Madison University, home of the Fightin' Dukes, which are apparently bulldogs. So consider this a shout-out to all my people in Harrisonburg, VA. To sum up what happened while I was gone:
  • MLB owners voted 29-1 to approve the relocation of the Expos to D.C. Can we stop calling them the Expos now? Anyway, I'm sure you can guess the identity of the only no vote, but I'm still wondering who #29 was. The Expos don't have an owner. Did they let Loria vote twice?
  • The Post is reporting that the new uniforms will be made public on December 13, conveniently the day before the second City Council vote. No news on the long-awaited beer cozies, though. In case you're wondering, my birthday's the 15th and Livan's my favorite Nat. FYI.
  • According to the Times, Bowden has about $6 million and has made offers to Odalis Perez and Jaret Wright. I'm pro-Perez and anti-Wright. Why has there been no talk of Rickey? Rickey's ready to play! Rickey can contribute! Rickey!
  • Baseball Prospectus has a free article about how Jim Bowden's done everything wrong. Nothing you haven't heard here, and I'm always free.
  • The MLB.com Nationals site is a pretty good place to keep up on prospects and marginal players and whatnot. Since I have no expertise in this area, they could be spewing Boswell-quality nonsense and I wouldn't know, but something's better than nothing. Recently they had an organization recap and a run-down of how our boys are doing in winter ball. Endy Chavez has a brother, and he can't hit either.
That's it for now. I'm thinking very deep things about Vinny Castilla and the long-term effects of having played in Colorado (I lived in Colorado for about a decade, and I still haven't recovered). My deep thoughts are thus far lacking facts, though, so does anyone know where I can get year by year home/road splits? ESPN's only go back three years, and Bigleaguers.com has the last four years, then everything before that expressed together. Website, book, whatever.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see how this entire Nationals enterprise can really get off the ground until the beer cozy issue has been resolved to some satisfaction.