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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Joys of Fiscal Responsibility

I was going to expand on the sarcastic "Joy to the Schools and Children! This is the best Christmas ever!" theme, but Capitol Punishment took that ball and ran with it.
That’s a lot of money! Think of what we can do with that kind of money? $450 million will build a lot of schools, will reopen DC General and even build us some new parks and recreations centers. Think of how well-stocked our libraries will be now!

We’ve got this huge bonanza of cash now, since we don’t have to worry about public financing of the baseball stadium. I’m so excited!
Would it have been better with swears? That's the blogological dilemma I'm dealing with right now.

Not much has happened since Bob DuPuy bitch-slapped everybody yesterday. This thing isn't dead yet, but it's perilously close. For some time, public financing opponents have been saying "MLB needs DC more than DC needs MLB." A quick look at the last 30+ years kind of takes the snap out of that argument, as MLB has apparently needed Denver, Phoenix, Miami, Tampa, Toronto, Seattle, and San Juan more than they needed Washington. But these are just minor quibbles. The real test of this (dumbass) theory comes now. Who's going to blink: Linda Cropp or Baseball? I pose this question: what costs Baseball more money; pulling out of a very promising market and taking a PR black eye, or allowing their free-stadium precedent to be shattered by a bumbling city council? You see why I'm pessimistic.

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