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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Why is "Town Hall" Capitalized?

I miss the days when Jim Bowden would do something knuckleheaded and practically write my post for me. I have much less to say these days because 1) it's too damn depressing to think too much about and B) municipal politics make my eyes glaze over. But, since I don't think anyone cares right now that we could have easily afforded Adrian Beltre if Bowden hadn't mounted that prodigal quest for the front page of ESPN.com, I guess I'd better talk about the extended kick to the junk that is the Cropp Affair.

The good news is that they're still working on it. Linda Cropp and Anthony Williams will meet tomorrow, and I'm interested to hear how many times the word "jackass" gets used. Peter Gammons is reporting that MLB is "attempting to negotiate some sort of compromise with Linda Cropp," but what that compromise would entail is not pointed out.

Also on Monday, the DC Baseball PAC, which I only just now heard about, "will host a citywide Town Hall style meeting with Mayor Anthony A. Williams, members of the DC City Council, DC Sports Commission Chairman Mark Tuohey, and others." Go over there and drop them an email if you're interested.

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