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Monday, December 20, 2004


Big ups to Josh, who risked frostbite to report on the rally:<>
It was a train wreck of a rally, but the turnout was very good.

Basically, none of the scheduled speakers were there and basically the organizing group paraded anyone who wanted to speak up in front of the stage.

Mark Stern was the unofficial "MC" and he was an embarrassment; he didn't even realize Brad Wilkerson -- the Nats best player -- was on the team. (WHY wasn't Phil Wood, who that station has screwed over, MCing this event?? I could have MCed better than Stern.) And G-d love him, but the old Senators announcer was a poor MC and he sucked the energy out of the crowd with his stories about how bad the old Senators were back in 1964.

Still, it looks like a deal has been struck -- and baseball may be back! I'll wait til the first pitch but I'm feeling a ton more optimistic.

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