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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


The City Council is talking and talking and talking. Nothing's happened yet. Well, nothing I care enough to talk about. How about a stream of conciousness? Here goes. I might keep updating this, so don't go anywhere.
  • We're still after Odalis Perez. Very good, but with the market the way it is, I don't see how that $6 million is going to get him. I wonder if they could backload the contract - put Malek on the hook for $20 million in '07 or something.
  • I reconstructed the current Nats in a two or three year old Playstation game, and they're not very good. I did hit an inside-the-park homer with Guzman, though.
  • When they signed Cordero, why did they say "we need his leadership" rather than "we need some right-handed power off the bench"? I'd have a lot more respect for the latter comment, and the former just invites references to the police blotter.
  • Emeril is really growing on me. I think it's because Food Network has dumbed itself down to the point that it's all "Learn the story behind Twinkies! You won't believe how they keep them spongy!" and Emeril is the only one who cooks anymore, catchphrases aside.
  • That Kornheiser column sure was dumb. I don't get the love people have for this guy.
  • Will Carroll is in the NY Times today. I guess they needed to fill the void left by Jayson Blair.
  • John Thompson is on right now, and that guy is charmingly incompetent. I remember him defending Alex Rodriguez' contract by pointing out that he has a different view of money because "he grew up in a hut somewhere." A-Rod was born in New York.
  • Who's the best major leaguer with your last name? I think mine is Cards center fielder Terry Moore. He was a lynchpin of the Musial-era Cards, and it doesn't get better than that. Jack Evans' is Darrell Evans, who is beloved of Bill James.
  • I like the Nats Blog's take on the Pedro Martinez signing. It's great because we get to see Pedro, and it's a perfect example of the Mets continuing to do the stupidest, most expensive thing possible all the time. Jim Bowden, on the other hand, does very stupid things on a budget.
  • Lordy. I had dinner, dozed off, and watched about 10 episodes of Arrested Development, and those dedicated civil servants are still talking. Lucille's my favorite. There's usually nothing in her system but a bottle of vodka and an estrogen pill.
  • Lucille's my favorite Arrested Development character, obviously, not my favorite civil servant. That would be Jack Evans. Sorry, William Howard Taft.


Ryan said...

I like Alton Brown. I'm pretty excited about the Iron Chef America series. I'm a big fan of Mario Batali's cooking, though he seems like kind of a weenis personally. You can't go wrong with that format.

Them's some thin pickings at Y. Dmitri Young? Ouch.

WFY said...

Like Yuda, there has never been a MLB player named Yurasko. My mom did work for the Yankees, but she still had her maiden name, so I cannot even use that. I guess the best I can do is there was a pitcher named Jeff Russell and I have a cousin with that name.

Chris Needham said...

Just to be contrarian, I'm not sure that Dewey Evans isn't better than Darrell.

For me, I think there's only been one Needham. Tom Needham was a catcher for the Cubs at the turn of the century.

And Amen on the Cordero comment. I've been beating that drum for a while now. (Insert your own spousal abuse joke)