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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Wholly Unacceptable"

Major League Baseball president Bob DuPuy's issued a statement saying the deal approved by the D.C. Council doesn't reflect the agreement signed with the Williams administration. And DuPay says the legislation approved last night is "wholly unacceptable."

The council changed the deal to require private financing for half the stadium's cost.

The statement says the Washington Nationals will immediately cease all business and promotional activities until futher notice, though the team's baseball operations will continue. And in another ominous sign, DuPuy says anyone who left a deposit on Nationals tickets can contact the club's office for a refund.

A spokesman for Mayor Tony Williams says he's not surprised by baseball's decision. Chris Bender tells The Associated Press that in the 15 days remaining to approve a deal, everyone has to spend every waking moment moving toward the middle, to save the deal.
Alternative title for this post: "Well, How Nice for the Fucking Schools."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not an outcome I wanted or predicted, but this team isn't leaving town anytime soon.

MLB and the city will muddle forward, and something will emerge. There are too many moneyed types behind all this to scuttle the deal entirely.